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Streamlining Evaluation with ir-measures

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Authors: Sean MacAvaney, Craig Macdonald, Iadh Ounis

Appeared in: Proceedings of the 44th European Conference on Information Retrieval Research (ECIR 2022)

arXiv: 2111.13466
smac.pub: ecir2022-irm


We present ir-measures, a new tool that makes it convenient to calculate a diverse set of evaluation measures used in information retrieval. Rather than implementing its own measure calculations, ir-measures provides a common interface to a handful of evaluation tools. The necessary tools are automatically invoked (potentially multiple times) to calculate all the desired metrics, simplifying the evaluation process for the user. The tool also makes it easier for researchers to use recently-proposed measures (such as those from the C/W/L framework) alongside traditional measures, potentially encouraging their adoption.

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